MusicTheatre/ SONIC ESSAY for Ride, Snare Drum, Tape Recorder, Video, Guitars, Objects and 2 Performers

REEL TO REEL refers to the connection of two coils in tape recorders. To put it simply, two coils must be connected for a sound to be played. The tape can be overwritten as often as desired and thus becomes the carrier of infinite, possible sounds. In Article 14 of the Basic German Law, property is determined as something that also serves the community, and the difference between ownership and possession implies the possibility that there may be several owners of a thing. In REEL TO REEL the performers Sara Trawöger and Gregor Glogowski embark on a performative concert in a network of things, sounds and property relations. Their music consists of fragments and voices about ownership that deforms them and reaches back and forth between them. From coil to coil.

Concept and space: Gregor Glogowski // Performance and music: Gregor Glogowski and Sara Trawöger // Light Design and Dramaturgy: Benjamin Hoesch

Funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt, Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media and the Music Fund e.V. Prospected in the Z - Center for Samples and Research. With the kind support of Andreas Engelmann and Chris Janka

Reel to Reel